Regular wear and tear can lead to several problems that may cause damage to your vehicle. Several problems are characterized by a burning smell from your car. It can be an indication of a bigger problem that requires immediate attention.

Here is what could have possibly happened to your car if it smells like something is burning.

1. Burning Smell from Brakes

Overusing your brakes or aggressively braking can lead to overheating and burning of brakes. Check for signs of burn if your brake feels spongy while you press it down. It is also likely that you might have forgotten to release your parking brake while your vehicle is in motion. Exercise caution while braking your car to prevent damage to the brakes.

2. Burning Rubber Smell from the Car

A burning rubber smell can indicate a slipped engine belt. It is also likely that a hose from the power system has started melting. If you notice any of these issues, wait for a while to let the car cool down and open the hood to further investigate your car. Contact an auto mechanic to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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3. Burning Plastic Smell in Car

If you smell burning plastic in your car, the plastic insulation could have worn off over time. Plastic or other material can have landed on the exhaust, causing it to burn and smell. This can also lead to the wires rubbing against each other, which can cause a fire. Try to identify the cause of the problem. Carefully remove the plastic bag or other material that may have landed on the exhaust and contact a technician immediately.

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4. Burning Oil Smell in Car

Smelling oil is potentially hazardous and requires immediate professional attention. It can indicate a fuel line leaking close to the exhaust. The smell of oil in the car is not only uncomfortable, but it can also endanger the person sitting in the car. Some of the common causes of burning oil smell can result from a recent oil change, loose oil filter, damaged oil plug, or failing gaskets problems. Check your car immediately.

A burning smell can happen with a new as well as the old car. If you notice a burning smell from your car, you should stop the car immediately and bring it to a mechanic. You can contact experts at A-Z Tech Automotive in Mission Viejo for auto services, maintenance, and full-body shop repairs.