Ideally, it’s important for you to have four identical tires on your vehicle. It guarantees a smooth ride and reduce wear and tear on your tires. You’ll be able to drive your car in most kinds of weather without fear of losing traction or blowing a tire.

Mixing Tread Patterns

It’s important to keep the same tread patterns on each axle, but it can be difficult to afford four brand new tires at one time. Replacing two at a time allows you to keep the same tread patters on each axle and will give your vehicle added traction for better handling and maneuverability. Having the same tread patterns also helps when you are driving in rain or snow. If you are going for two new tires, it’s advisable to place them on the rear, not in the front of the vehicle.

Tire Size

It’s also essential that all four tires be the same size. Tires of different size can pull your car from side to side making it difficult to control as you begin to gain speed. Most tire companies will do everything possible to make sure all four tires are of the same size and have the same tread pattern.

Mixed Wear and Tear

Mixing and matching tires will lead to irregular wear and tear. This can result in your tires being out of alignment, irregular wear patterns, difficult handling, and poor gas mileage. If the tires remain out of alignment for any length of time, the irregular wear patterns that form on your tire may not be able to be corrected with rotation forcing you to purchase new tires much sooner than expected.

It’s recommended to fit tires of the same brand on your vehicle. However, when you are mixing tires due to availability or economic reasons, make sure the same brands and same tread patterns are fitted on the same axle.

How should I replace a tire on my vehicle?

Select the OE tire that is currently on your vehicle. This ensures the tire’s tread design, physical dimensions, internal construction, and performance are the same as the tires that are being replaced. You can also choose tires from the same performance category that have the same size and speed rating.

Your tires are the one component on your car that you have direct control over and can change as often as you see fit. Always make sure your tires are rated for your car so that you have the best driving experience possible! Proper tire maintenance increases the life of your tires and keeps your family safe while you are out on the roads.

If you are unsure of what type of tires you have or if they are the same size, tread pattern, and have the same speed rating, visit our auto repair shop today. At A-Z Tech Automotive, we specialize in auto care and repair that ensures your vehicle is always in the best condition possible. This includes your tires! We will check to make sure the tread patterns are the same, and they are properly inflated at all times.

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