Buying a car can be a pretty stressful event for anybody. Considering that the holidays can have their own incredible amount of stress, buying a car during the holiday season might sound like a nearly insane idea.

However, buying a car during the holiday season can actually be a good thing if you’re looking to save some money, and when buying a car, who isn’t? The reason is because many auto shops will lower prices to entice buyers during a notoriously slow season.

If you’re a smart shopper, you can use the fact that auto shops have a slow season and mark down their prices to your benefit.

Low Demand
Car prices are the highest in the summer months when demand for a new vehicle is at its peak. However, the holiday season is the low point for car sales, which means that many dealers will do whatever they can to make any sale they can.

After all, selling a car for less profit but still selling is better for them than nothing.

Gift Pricing
Believe it or not, many people do give cars to their loved ones as gifts. After all, what could be better for a kid who just got their license or who has been sharing the car with mom and dad? However, even for many families who are financially comfortable, another car can be a major expense, so many auto shops work to lower prices to entice buyers who may otherwise pass.

A car as a gift isn’t essential, and dealerships know that. The holiday season is also a great time to find low APR financing on vehicles and no money down purchases if you have good credit.

New Models
December is the time when car prices are low as manufacturers launch the next year’s models which causes the price of the current year’s models to drop significantly. As they are trying to make room for new models, you will expect big savings on old models. The longer the current year’s model is not sold, the more discount you can get on it.

Holiday Bonus
Many companies offer an end-of-year bonus to their employees to pay for the hard work they have put in throughout the year. A holiday bonus combined with the reasonable price and holiday discounts make Christmas the best time to buy a car.

Better Decision-Making Opportunity
As there would be less footfall at car dealerships during the holidays, salespeople will have enough time to explain you about the car you want to purchase, describe the features, benefits, safety concerns, and more. You can ask any questions you have on mind before making the purchase.

You can use all of that to your benefit whether you’re buying a car for yourself or someone else.