When a car does not start, people assume that it is because of the dead battery. Of course, it might be the reason in some circumstances, but sometimes there may also be problems with the starter of the car. The starter is a small electric motor, operated by the battery. A starter relay is located between the starter’s motor and the battery, designed to redirect power from the battery to the starter. Your car won’t start if the starter’s motor and relay have problems.

What Can Cause Problems in the Starter?

The following can cause problems in the starter:

  • Oil leaks
  • Loose wiring to and from the starter
  • Damaged accessories in the starter system
  • Corroded battery
  • Dirty connections

What Are the Signs of a Bad Starter?

Here are some of the signs you may experience when there is any problem with the starter:

Starter Generates a Clicking Sound
If you have problems with the starter, you can hear a clicking sound when you press the start button. Also, you can identify a dead starter with grinding or whirring sound. However, a starter can even die without generating any sound, so you must be alert.

Starter Gets Soaked in Oil
One of the signs of a bad starter is an oil leak. Your starter can be completely soaked in engine oil. It might be a few drops of oil, but can result in an expensive repair, so you must check your car for any leaks.

Engine Will Not Crank
If your engine doesn’t crank, even after a jumpstart, there is a problem with the starter. Call an expert auto mechanic to fix this problem.

Got Lights but No Action
When there is a problem with the starter, your engine won’t turn on, even after your dashboard lights are on.

Car Generates Smoke
When you continuously try to start your car with a bad starter, it can cause overheating, and you may notice smoke coming out from it. There may also be a burning smell, so if you smell or see smoke, you should call an auto mechanic.

How Can You Fix Starter Problems?

First, you must attempt to start or jumpstart your car, and try any one of the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Adjust the transmission
  • Tap the starter
  • Check the battery and battery cables to ensure it is working properly

These tips will help you temporarily fix the starter problems. However, for permanent solutions, get your car tuned up by an expert auto mechanic.

Contact our auto repair shop today to schedule regular tune-ups of your car and one of our expert auto mechanics will fix the problems with your starter.