If your car continuously has heating problems, you can be sure it’s indicative of bigger problems to come, so driving isn’t an option. Taking your car to a reputable automotive repair services center to get it fixed is your best option, especially as you’re probably tired of spending time getting your car in a fit state to drive before you set out in the cold weather.

However, you can save a great deal of time troubleshooting issues before you take your car in for repair, especially if it’s something relatively minor that you could even fix yourself. Check the following:

  • Is the heater core actually filling up with hot coolant? Wait until you’ve been driving for a while, then turn on the heater. Is anything coming through at all? Even a trickle? If not, then you need to think again.

  • Do you actually have any coolant in the radiator in the first place? This is something you can safely check and remedy yourself – if you’re low on coolant or if the radiator is completely empty, there’s nothing to heat up. If there’s plenty of coolant, then the problem lies elsewhere.

  • Fuses or thermostat? Although it’s entirely possible to replace both of these things yourself with the help of your repair manual, you may not feel confident in doing so. If coolant isn’t the problem and you still have no heat, then it’s highly likely that the cause is one of these.

If you can’t track down the problem yourself, take your car to your local automotive repair services center and let them fix it. Heating repairs are usually quick and not too financially painful to fix.