Your car’s cooling system regulates engine temperature for maximum fuel economy and lifespan of the component and minimum emissions. You have to maintain your car’s cooling system at its peak condition for your engine to perform properly. Otherwise, you may face overheating issues or a breakdown.

If your car’s coolant level indicator does not work properly or your coolant system is malfunctioned, you may not receive any warning sign for low coolant level. Sometimes, you may get a “low coolant” message or light even though you have sufficient coolant left in your system.

Here are the tips that help you identify whether your car has low coolant:

Check the Coolant Level in Your Car

You must check the coolant level in your car. You can check the coolant level in every diesel or gasoline engine vehicle by reading its owner’s manual. If you go through the “maintenance section” in the manual, you will know how often certain fluids like coolant should be replaced and where you can check the level of coolant in your car.

Your coolant will expand when it receives hot air from the engine running and contract when the engine cools down. Your cooling system has an expansion tank or overflow bottle to allow the change in its volume. You can check the coolant level by checking the volume of your cooling system. The bottle has low to full markings on it or it might be black with a dipstick to measure the liquid depth. By reading the bottle, you will know how much coolant is left in your car.

What If the Coolant Level Is Low?

If your coolant bottle is found empty, you need to add the coolant as suggested by your manufacturer. You may find a low coolant level due to evaporation. Not all coolant bottles are fully sealed and with heat, some coolant will evaporate over time.

Low coolant level may also be due to a leak. You can contact your mechanic to conduct coolant system pressure tests for checking leaks in your cooling system.

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