Everybody who owns a car has to go to the mechanic from time to time to take care of repairs. However, the automotive repair shop can be a place that strikes fear in the heart of almost every car owner not qualified to make repairs on their own. If you find yourself in that boat, you’re likely on the lookout for an automotive repair shop that you can trust and is worthy of your business.

Use these tips to help you find quality care for your car at a price that’s fair and reasonable:

  • Experience Matters
    When you’re looking for a repair shop, you don’t want a fly-by-night company that’s just getting on their feet. You want somebody with a solid reputation and years of business. It might not guarantee a good experience, but if an automotive repair shop has been in business 10 or more years, chances are they’re doing something right.

  • Read Reviews, Get References
    Before you just drop your car off for repair make sure you go online and read reviews. Sites like Yelp are incredibly helpful for real customer reviews. Of course, not all reviews can be trusted, but if a company has 50 reviews and 45 are negative, your best bet is to keep looking.

  • Don’t Always Go for the Lowest Price
    Searching for a good price on automotive repairs is important if you need a lot of work done. However, going with the lowest price isn’t always the best idea. You want to combine experience, reputation and a good price for the overall best bet.

Once you find a repair shop you like, stay loyal and you’ll likely find that you build a good working relationship with your mechanic to ensure quality work and good prices for years to come.

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