How many times have you walked around a store car park, unable to find your car? You may have fallen for that popular model in red, but so did a sizeable proportion of the rest of the car-owning population, especially if it was an economical budget model with excellent reviews.

However, there are many ways, ranging from relatively inexpensive to costing a small fortune, in which you can personalize your car, and make sure that your days of being unable to find your car in a sea of identical vehicles is in the past.

Respray – usually only a same-color option for a small area to cover damage, a full-body respray in a color that your make and model of car is not available in can instantly personalize it, and make it stand out from the mass-produced herd.

Accessorize -involving anything from a complete upgrade of the car interior to changing the wheels and tires. Accessorizing to personalize your car is a smart option if you can free up small amounts of cash to change a little at a time.

Updates – if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful classic car, maintenance can be a full-time occupation, not to mention taking every spare cent you have. Use your opportunities to personalize to either modernize or take your car back to its factory-new glory, depending on your personal taste. Use magazines and other material contemporary with the manufacture date of your car for inspiration when deciding on improvements.

Your car is probably the most substantial and personal purchase you’ll ever make after your home. You wouldn’t hesitate to put your stamp on your living space, so why shy away from going the extra mile to make your car your own?

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