An inevitable part about owning a vehicle is that it is more than likely going to be recalled at some point. While not all recalls are an enormous safety issue, there are instances in which your vehicle may become relatively unusable if the recall is not performed by an accredited auto body repair shop.

That being said, let’s further explore the world of vehicle recalls to ensure that you are properly prepared in such events:

What Is a Vehicle Recall?
A vehicle recall is simply a written notice that states that a specific part of your vehicle is reportedly not functioning in an appropriate manner. The vehicle manufacturer will contact you, describe which aspect of your vehicle is faulty, and offer the opportunity to correct this issue.

How Do You Know If You Have a Recall?
Generally speaking, you will receive a letter in the mail outlining your recall. Following contact of the vehicle owners, the manufacturer will also contact all local dealerships to inform them of exactly what is to be corrected in the specific make and model of vehicle being recalled.

These manufacturers have amazing skills in locating owners for recalls; so do not worry if your vehicle was purchased from a third party.

What Happens During a Recall?
If your vehicle has been recalled, you should call an auto body repair shop and schedule an appointment to get the issue corrected. Once you have dropped off your vehicle, all you need to do is pick your vehicle up when it is fixed.

The best part about having a recall corrected is that you do not have to pay for the repair because the manufacturers pay the dealerships directly.