Are you getting your newborn baby ready for his first ride home? Well, make sure that it is a day everyone remembers for years to come! It is a special day and the ride to his first day at home should be too!

There are many ways to make your little one’s first ride to your home a special and unforgettable one. Here are top tips to make sure that it is.

Get the Family Together
What could be better than having all your loved ones around when it is time to get your baby home for the first time? Make sure that you have everyone you hold dear close and take lots of photos to commemorate this great day! You can also take pictures with your doctor, nurses and other staff members to remember who was there on that happy day!

Hire a Limo
This is a fantastic way to make your baby’s first ride memorable and super-fun! There is no need for Daddy to take the wheel and you can both focus all your attention on the latest addition to your family! Riding in style in a limo is not something every baby gets to do! There are many limo services that offer great deals for a special ride for newborns.

Let the Siblings be a Major Part of the Day
At times, a new baby’s siblings can take a backseat due to the excitement and everyone congratulating the parents and holding the baby. To make sure that they do not feel left out and they get to know their little baby brother from the very start, make them feel involved and make them a part of the celebration!

Make a Movie
There is nothing like a video to immortalize your baby’s first car ride home. From preparing him in the hospital to the time you reach home, make sure that every moment is captured in a home movie! When your little one grows older, you can play the video for him and relive that special moment with him!

Provide Comfort
Stepping out from the hospital will have an effect on your newborn as babies are sensitive to new environments. It is important for you to make sure that your car ride back home is comfortable and all about bonding with the new member of your family. Have everything you need ready to make the ride smooth and comfy.

Spend Time with Your Partner
A few minutes alone with your partner is important before you leave the hospital. There are different emotions that you will both be going through. It is vital that you share these feelings and prepare yourselves as you start a new life with a new baby. A short precious moment together will definitely bring you closer and make you realize that you are now a team, more than ever before.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready
This is something that many people forget. With the excitement of a new baby’s arrival, things at home can often get neglected. After a stint at the hospital, giving birth and the different emotions you are feeling, the last thing you or your baby need is a messy place to come home to. When your home is neat and ready for your baby’s arrival, you can enjoy the ride home and relax without extra stress or anxiety.

Keep the Celebration Small
You do not need a crowd to welcome your baby home. Make sure that you plan things carefully before your baby has his first ride home. Let family and close friends accompany you on your ride and have a small non-stressful party at home. Just like your newborn’s first ride home, it should be comfortable and joyous without too much noise. Keeping your baby happy is the most important thing on this day.

A newborn baby’s first ride to his home can be a nightmare if you do not plan ahead carefully. The last thing you want is a bawling baby so make sure that his comfort is everyone’s first priority. If your little one is comfortable and happy, it will be a special ride that you will never forget!