Waxing your car helps protect its paint from harmful sunrays, dirt, debris, stains, and other particles that may be stuck on the surface of your car. Learning to wax your car in the right way will help save you time, effort, and money in prolonging the look and shine of your car.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to waxing your car like a pro:

  • Selection of the Wax and an Applicator
    There are many products that will help give your car a shiny look. You can either go for a carnauba type of wax, which is used in shoe polishes, dental floss, and furniture wax or synthetic waxes (also known as liquid wax), colored wax, spray wax, or paint sealant. To apply the wax, you can use either a microfiber cloth and your hands or a wax applicator.

  • Preparing Your Car
    Before applying wax to your car, it is important to wash it first. Wash your car thoroughly with water and car detergent and dry it using a clean cloth. Claying the paint will help in removing the debris and ensuring that the wax bonds well to your car’s surface and stays for a longer time.

  • Applying the Wax
    Apply a thin and even layer of wax in a single pass. Continue with a few passes until you get a haze on the car. While applying the wax, follow a back-and-forth motion along an imaginary line, or shorter strokes forming Zs or Ws, or linear strokes.

  • Resting Time for the Wax
    Before buffing the wax off, let it rest. There will be a recommended resting time by the wax manufacturers. However, you can perform the swipe test. Use a clean microfiber cloth to swipe across a section of the waxed surface. If the swipe is clean, you can buff your car.

  • Buffing Your Car
    Fold your towel into fourths and then press it against the section you want to begin buffing. With a left-right twist of your wrist, remove the wax slowly underneath your towel. Work in sections and move your towel perpendicular to the direction of the wax application.

Follow these steps to wax your car properly and make it shine for years to come.

Contact your auto repair shop or favorite car wash service for questions about waxing.

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