Halloween is a holiday that many people enjoy, from the very young to the middle aged and very old. While decorating the house is likely a tradition you’re already familiar with, decorating your car might seem like overkill.

However, there are some fun ways to decorate your car for Halloween that will still allow you to drive safely. You may not want to decorate your car weeks in advance, but it can be pretty fun a few days before Halloween and really show off your love of the holiday. It’s also pretty fun to do with kids.

Use these tips to decorate your car for Halloween:

Consider How Much You Want to Decorate

Figure out how much you’re really willing to decorate your car. Do you want to do something simple or do you want to go all out and really surprise your friends, co-workers and people who just pass you by on the street? Decide on how committed you are to decorating your vehicle for the Halloween holiday. Remember, everything you put on today will need to be taken off once Halloween is over.

Don’t Do Elaborate Decorations If You’re Driving

Determine whether you’ll be driving your car while it’s decorated. If you’re only doing it for a night, covering your car with fake spider webs can be fun and very simple. Of course, you won’t be able to drive your car that way!

Use Decals

Consider using simple decals that can be easily peeled off your vehicle if you don’t want to have lots of clean-up. A few pumpkin stickers or even a fake skeleton hanging from a hook in one of the back windows can be amusing yet simple to take down once the Halloween holiday is done. You’ll be able to reuse things like fake skeletons next year too.

Use Washable Markers

Use washable markers to draw Halloween-themed designs on your car. You and your kids will love decorating the car windows with howling ghosts, black polka dots, and spider webs. Simply wash off these designs with water once Halloween is over. Halloween designs on your car are a fun and temporary way to show your Halloween spirit.

Hang Fake Limbs

Get fake limbs such as zombie arms or legs decorated with fake blood from a Halloween store and hang them out from your car’s trunk. Put some part of the limbs in the trunk to secure them and leave the rest hanging out.

Use Skeletons and Skulls

Skeletons give an extra spooky feel to your vehicle. You may keep a skeleton poised in the driver’s seat, or arrange skulls in the rear window of your car or on the front bumper.

Cover with Spider Webs

You can easily shroud your car in mystery by covering it in spine-chilling spider webs. Then, you can add a large spider decoration on the hood for enhancing the eeriness.

Cover with Gargoyles and Demons

A perfect Halloween decoration could be dressing up your car with some grotesque gargoyles and demons, whether they’re placed in the backseat or are perched on your vehicle’s bumper.

Get Car-Specific Halloween Accessories

You will find many car-specific Halloween accessories in local stores. You can get spooky eyelashes for the headlights or Halloween-themed seat and steering wheel covers.

Along with your home and work office, don’t forget to decorate your car to get in the Halloween spirit! Always remember safety should be your main concern. Be sure you don’t damage your car in any way and stay safe while enjoying Halloween.

Happy Halloween!