Easter is a fun holiday that a lot of people celebrate. However, if you’re like most people, you really haven’t celebrated except with children in many years. It really does seem to be a child-friendly holiday.

This year though, why not decorate your car to show off your Easter spirit. It might sound silly, but it really can be a lot of fun. Have the kids help you and you’ll have a great activity for both of you to do together.

Use these seven tips to help you decorate your car for Easter:

  1. Try an Easter antenna ball
    They’ll sit on the end of your antenna and they’re easy to put on and remove. They’ll make everyone who passes your car smile too.

  2. Think about a bunny car costume
    Yes, this one is pretty silly and over the top, but it isn’t as hard or as costly as you might think to make this happen. Look online for bunny car costume kits this year.

  3. Put an Easter bobble head on your dashboard
    This one is particularly good if you’re driving the car pool.

  4. Go for a religious decal this holiday
    After all, Easter really is a religious holiday, and it isn’t all about Peeps, chocolate eggs and colorful baskets. You can still hide Easter eggs though.

  5. Pick up Easter egg decals for your car’s bumper
    Get plastic stickers that are easy to peel off once the holiday is over. Otherwise you might look a bit nuts!

  6. Put something in your back window
    A good example is a hanging Easter egg basket!

  7. Buy a magnet that you can stick on your car or in the back window
    Something simple with a message like “Happy Easter” is all you’ll need for a little decoration.