It is always good to have auto service you can rely on, but there are some things that you can do yourself. When your thermal expansion valve needs to be replaced, you can do it on your own if you have a basic knowledge about cars.

The thermal expansion valve monitors the temperatures and pressure of your refrigerant gas while it is still a liquid. When it is working properly, this valve allows the proper amount of liquid through the system, which keeps your AC working efficiently. If you know enough about your cars AC, you should be able to do this auto service yourself.

  1. Read up on your AC unit
    You can do this by either reading the manual or looking up videos online that talk about the model in your car. Don’t get started until you are familiar with the unit.

  2. Remove the refrigerant
    You will need a recovery machine to do this. Make sure all of the fluids are gone before you start.

  3. Disconnect the two lines to the dash
    Start in the engine compartment and look for the 2 lines to the firewall at the rear side of the dash.

  4. Take out the glove compartment
    You need to access the evaporator, which is behind your glove compartment. Remove the screws in the corner of the glove compartment and slide it out.

  5. Take out the blower motor
    Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts.

  6. Take out the old expansion valve
    It is located in the evaporator. Remove the evaporator from its case and unbolt the thermal expansion valve.

  7. Install the new valve and replace removed parts
    Pour AC oil on the O rings before you install the new valve in the evaporator. Replace the removed parts.