Everyone has heard about how viruses can infect personal computers, but many people are unaware that car computers can be hacked as well. Newer cars include a wide variety of digital technology, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Based on actual series of incidents in Texas involving a disgruntled car dealership worker, it has been found that a hacker can essentially take control of one’s brakes, steering, and radio. Also, a hacker can obtain control over the car windows, locks, and other digital systems.

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Modern Vehicles 
Cars of the 21st century are nothing like cars that were made prior to the computer revolution that began in the 1980s. Today’s cars are full of digital technology that simply didn’t exist last century.

At the same time car computers are not the same as PCs since they have more basic processors than a desktop computer. Cars use what are known as “embedded systems,” in which each system is limited to dedicated tasks such as power seating or cruise control.

The computer systems in cars are closer to smart phone than desktop engineering.

Increased Vulnerability
At one time the only way a hacker had access to digital systems in cars was through the diagnostic or reprogramming equipment used by auto mechanics. Lack of hardware and software standardization among different automakers also made it improbable for car computers to get hacked.

This protection is unraveling as more car computers begin to connect with external communications systems. Interfacing with websites such as Pandora and Facebook creates a two-way communication opportunity that hackers can exploit.

The more communication ports appear in a car, the more vulnerable cars are becoming to virus attacks. However, shops offering complete automotive repair services can help test your equipment.