Owning a car entails the responsibility of learning about your car, whether it’s basic maintenance or auto body collision repair. One way to learn about cars is to use apps that are related to the automotive experience.

The following 8 apps can help you enjoy smoother driving and save money on gas and repairs:

  1. Gas Buddy
    This popular app will help you find the best gas prices in any city. It is a must for travelers who want to cut transportation expenses. It lets you compare the city’s gas prices with state and national averages. Instantaneously you can learn the range of prices for gas in any given city.

  2. You can find gas stations either by proximity or price. These prices come from Gas Buddy users, so you can contribute information as well. The app is useful in situations of gas shortages due to natural disasters. In general, it also helps you learn which neighborhoods have the lowest gas prices.

  3. PlugShare
    If you drive an electric car such as a Tesla, Chevy Volt, or Nissan Leaf, this free app will let you know where all the charging stations are. Not only can you find charging stations in relation to landmarks, the free app will use your location to find the closest charging station in a matter of seconds.

  4. The app lets you communicate with a community of users, as you can post comments about the quality of the charging stations you are using. Even if you don’t drive an electric car, it’s an interesting app for learning about how the green revolution is quickly spreading.

  5. AAA Roadside
    The free AAA app provides a wide range of services to members. The app helps you find accommodations with AAA discounts. It allows you to easily make hotel arrangements. It’s also your link to roadside assistance. It can help you order a roadside battery change.

  6. You can send a digital or phone message to AAA or call 911. Your AAA card can be added to Passbook. It is very useful for emergencies such as auto body collision repair.

  7. RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert
    Everyone has had an experience with an auto mechanic that seemed unfair. Finding a reputable mechanic that offers good deals has become a top priority when it comes to auto repair. This free app can find those shops and give you rough quotes based on your make, model, and location in a matter of seconds.

  8. Additionally, the app offers you “Best Practices” tips on how to avoid problems in the future. By tapping the Roadside Assistance button, you can get help identifying problems with your car. RepairPal is a helpful app for finding the best deals on services such as auto body collision repair.

  9. Gas Cubby
    Every car owner has to be familiar with details about their vehicles; VIN numbers, for example. Gas Cubby is an app that keeps track of such information, as well as tracking gas mileage, and vehicle maintenance. The app, which costs $1.99, provides MPG charts and data on gas and service expenses.

  10. Storing your service log in one place can be very advantageous in tracking the history of your maintenance and repairs.

  11. Car Xpenses Lite
    Made by Umbrella Corporation, Car Xpenses Lite is a free app that tracks all expenses related to your car, from repairs to filling up the gas tank. You can analyze costs by categories expressed in pie charts. The controls are easy to use, allowing you to input expenses.

  12. The app will send you reminders when your car needs routine maintenance. It’s very useful in tracking auto body collision repair.

  13. Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic
    Waze, now owned by Google, crowd sources information in real time about traffic, weather, and police. The free app lets you know if there’s a traffic jam ahead. Waze will immediately show you the fastest route to your destination.

  14. It can help you locate other Waze users so that you can wave at each other on the freeway. It’s one of the most popular navigation apps at the App Store. 

  15. Where did I park?
    If you’ve ever been lost in a large parking lot trying to find your car, then you know the value of this free app. You will be able to save your location by taking a photo and inputting notes on the app. Use can also set reminders for yourself when to get your car. The app includes Geo location and a compass to help you find your car.