There are many easy ways to select the right body shop to meet your specific needs. When you know what to look for and find a service representative that is easy to talk to, you have won half the battle.

The following six tips will help you find the right auto body collision repair shop:

  1. Explains Charges in Detail
    Newer cars mean more complicated assemblies. Finding a mechanic who explains each charge and why it was needed will do a lot towards teaching you about your vehicle.

  2. Follows Their Estimate
    A reputable auto body collision repair shop mechanic will quote you an estimate and live up to it, even if he was wrong and the cost should have been considerably higher.

  3. Prompt Service
    When an auto body collision repair service offers prompt repair services, it shows that they truly value the customers’ business.

  4. Factory Compatible Parts
    A good body and collision repair service technician will use only parts approved by the manufacturer. In some ways, aftermarket parts are sufficient, but when it comes to keeping your engine sounding and running its best, factory compatible parts are needed.

  5. Stands By Their Guarantee
    If parts wear out and are replaced with factory direct parts that have a money-back guarantee, it is important to make sure the shop follows the guarantee and provides sufficient service in accordance with the guarantee’s promises.

  6. Positive Reputation Within the Community
    The best auto body collision repair shop will be the one who has everyone talking. Word of mouth spreads quickly and in many cases, is a business’s best friend.