Traveling by car is something many people do over the Thanksgiving holiday in order to see family and friends. After all, going on a road trip in the fall is one of the best ways to see the United States.

However, if you’re going to be traveling by car this season, there are some things you’ll need to do to ensure a safe ride. Use this guide to help you arrive at your Thanksgiving destination safely.

  1. Get Your Car Checked
    Get your car checked by a professional about a week before your trip. Automotive repair shops are going to be busy, so plan in advance. Otherwise you may find that automotive repair shops in your area won’t be able to check your vehicle by your desired departure date.

  2. Plan Your Route
    If you’re going a long way, make sure you don’t drive too much. Too much time on the road each day will create stress and make it hard to concentrate.

  3. Share the Driving with Another Adult
    Ideally, you should have two people doing the driving on any trip that’s longer than a few hours. If you can, have a partner to share the driving responsibilities with you.

  4. Don’t Put Too Much Stuff in Your Vehicle
    Overloading your vehicle can make it hard to handle and reduce fuel efficiency. Over the course of a long trip, you could spend a significant amount more on gas than you would with a lighter load.

  5. Avoid Driving at Night Too Much
    Driving at night makes it hard to see the road, even with modern car headlights. Do as much of your driving during the daylight hours as possible.

  6. Drive in the Right Lane on Long Trips
    You’ll avoid wrong-lane drivers and reduce your chances of being hit by a drunk driver.

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