Many people complain about having to take their car into a shop, but there is more to consider before, during and after the repair work. Let’s have a look at six smart ideas to avoid auto repair mistakes:

  1. Keep Your Car Clean

    Run your car through a car wash every few weeks to prevent rust. All cars will rust over time, but you can slow the rust rate by keeping your car as free as possible of salt and other chemicals.

  2. Keep Good Records

    Keep a record of all repair work completed on your vehicle. A running list will give you an indication as to whether or not you’re spending more to keep your vehicle on the road than you would be to just get another one.

  3. Pump, then Pay

    Before you pay for any repair work on your vehicle, take it for a quick test drive to ensure that the problem was really fixed, and that no other problems have come about as the result of an error on the mechanic’s part.

  4. Read the Manual

    Before driving any car, read the manual to familiarize yourself with what all the warning lights mean. This way, you can give the dispatcher a background on your problem if you need to call for a tow.

  5. Use an Experienced Mechanic

    Ask your mechanic whether or not he has worked on cars like yours, specifically on the problem you’re having. Many cars are similar but have unique and important differences. Discuss these with your mechanic before agreeing to any repair work.

  6. Remove Personal Property

    You will be responsible for the disappearance of anything you leave in the car when you go to have it serviced. Take your personal possessions with you when you drop it off.