When it comes to people’s pets, most people will agree that whether they have a cat, a dog or any other animal, they are like a part of the family. In fact, some people consider their pets such a big part of their family that they even take them on vacation with them, especially if it’s a car ride. However, what people don’t seem to consider is that there is a danger lurking just under the surface of a “safe” car ride. If you are taking a pet with you, follow these simple guidelines to keep them safe.

Well Ventilated Areas
If you plan on keeping the dog in a safe place, consider a well ventilated carrier. There are a variety of carriers available, just make sure that your pet can sit, lie down, and stand if they choose to do so.

Breaking Down
If your car breaks down and you need a car repair, your animal should always stay in his or her carrier.

Leashes and Collars
Most cats won’t wear a leash, but if you have an animal in the car and you have him or her on a leash or even a collar, either take it off when you leave the car, or put it in a carrier. Animals can easily get attached by way of a collar or a leash on break peddles, steering wheels and more – and it can lead to strangulation.

Pet Traveling Kit
Consider taking: food, bowls, fresh water, leash, collar, medication, first aid kit for pets and even one of their favorite tots or pillows as a sense of security.

Get Them Ready
Some pets have never been in a long car ride, so ready them up by practicing with short drives and gradually upping the time per car ride.