When your car has broken down and needs to be serviced, you should contact a good auto repair shop in Orange County. Repairing a car can turn out to be expensive if you opt to deal with unqualified or unprofessional mechanics. Therefore, you want to ensure the auto shop you will take your vehicle to will do a good job.

Below are four things you should look out for when choosing an auto repair shop in OC:

  1. Qualified Mechanics
  2. You definitely don’t want inexperienced and unqualified mechanics fidgeting with your car. Before taking your car for repairs, establish the qualification of the employees in the garage. It is even better if the auto shop is affiliated with or has mechanics certified in repairing your car model.

  3. Genuine Spare Parts
  4. Avoid auto repair shops that offer to fit your car with alternative spare parts to cut down the cost. Alternative spare parts might be cheaper but might lead to more problems in future that will cost you more to fix. Always insist that your car is fitted with OEM parts.

  5. Certification
  6. Besides checking that the auto repair shop is licensed to operate in Orange County, check that it is certified by a recognized body. Proper licensing means you can bring forth litigation if you have any complaints on the services you received. Certification also indicates a garage has insurance. Therefore, in case your car is damaged when being repaired, you will be compensated.

  7. Neat Garage
  8. Although the process of repairing cars can be messy, a reputable auto repair shop will maintain some standard of cleanliness. This tidiness will extend to the quality of work performed on your car. Check that the garage is clean, well-arranged and has a variety of repair equipment to do a professional job.

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