Car air conditioner repairs can be expensive, so it is important to get your AC checked at least once a year or immediately if you suspect leaks. An air conditioner that leaks water inside or outside will increase your utility bills and repair cost. You must identify what has caused your air conditioner to leak and act accordingly.

Common causes of air conditioner leaking water outside are:

  • Broken condensate pan
  • Dirty air filters
  • Low coolant levels
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drain pipe

Common causes of air conditioner leaking water inside are:

  • Poorly installed windshield
  • Aged sunroof
  • Excessive corrosion
  • Air conditioner unit malfunction

The following factors can also cause your car air conditioner to leak:

  1. Blocked Evaporator Drain
  2. The evaporator drain allows water to drain out of your car. Sometimes, the drain pipe may get clogged by debris or dirt, and in such circumstances, the water cannot flow out of your car, and it starts leaking inside. You must unclog your drain pipe as quickly as possible. If you allow the water to stay for a long period in the evaporator drain, you can expect a damaged blower motor or resistor.

  3. Brine and Road Salt
  4. Unlike a home’s air conditioner, a car’s air conditioner is not a single unit, and its parts are scattered throughout the car. Therefore, if you encounter road salt and brine during the winter period, some parts might be corroded.

  5. Broken Seals
  6. If your air conditioner’s plastic or rubber seal breaks down, water will enter into your unit and car. If this is the problem, the passenger side floor mats will be completely drenched in water. Tiny pinhole leaks can happen if water combines with the refrigerant to form an acid, which causes damage to other components.

  7. Leaky Evaporator Core
  8. Organic material can reach the evaporator core by the air intake vents. This material becomes corrosive when it gets broken down, causing the evaporator core to rust. A rusted evaporator core will leak water. You should replace the evaporator core if you notice rust or a musty smell coming from your vents when you turn on your AC.

  9. Natural Wear and Tear
  10. Worn out AC components can cause car air conditioner leaks. You must address those worn out parts and replace them as soon as possible.

  11. Road Accidents and Debris
  12. Some parts of a car air conditioner might have been damaged by road accidents or difficult road conditions. If you experience anything like that, get your car checked by an expert auto mechanic to ensure no damage is done to your car and its parts.

Our qualified auto mechanics will help you identify these air conditioner leaks and get them fixed. Visit our auto repair shop or contact us for regular auto repair and maintenance.