Auto care professionals have many tips and tricks for protecting your car from winter damage and rust. Regular maintenance is easy if you make it a priority. In addition to regular oil changes, the following habits will help to keep your car in prime condition all through the winter.

Warm It Up
Start your car and let it warm up for 5 to 10 minutes prior to driving it. This ensures the fluids are fully circulated throughout the engine and transmission. It will also ensure that the interior of your car is warm as well.

Carry Winter Supplies at All Times
Always carry an ice scraper, snow brush, and a fully loaded emergency kit. Emergency kits should include starter cables, a first aid kit, blankets, and flashlights. It’s also a good idea to carry bottles of water as well.

Wash Your Car Often
Wash your car often to prevent salt build-up. When you wash your car, make sure to rinse the undercarriage as well to remove any debris. Many of the chemicals used to de-ice streets and highways can destroy your car’s paint and lead to bubbled paint and rust.

Add Wax After Your Wash
Add a layer of wax after your wash. A coating of wax will protect your paint and protect it from the devastating effects of the de-icing chemicals and sodium. Wax will also help to keep your windows clear of ice and water as the car warms up.

Replace Your Wipers
Replace your wipers as needed. Make sure that your wipers are free of ice before you leave home. This will ensure they clear away water and ice effectively. Strong wipers will remove thin layers of snow and keep your windows free of water and streaks, improving your visibility.

Take care of your car with these simple auto care tips. If you’re looking for a trusted auto repair and maintenance shop in Mission Viejo, CA, contact us!