Your car needs to get professionally serviced at regular intervals so that you can drive with confidence. The warranty of your vehicle might become void if it is not serviced within the time intervals specified by the car manufacturer. Apart from this, engine sounds are also indications that your car needs immediate servicing. In most cases, engine sounds are an early sign of a component failure.

Here are some engine sounds that indicate your vehicle needs service.

Hissing Sound

If you hear a hissing sound from your car engine while driving, it may indicate a problem with your vehicle’s vacuum line or cooling system. Often the leaking coolant from the cooling system is responsible for overheating your car engine.

Clunking Sound

If your car is making a clunking sound while going over a speed bump or a pothole, there might be an issue with the car’s undercarriage. Also, if the car clunks while turning corners, it could be a problem with the steering wheel or a worn-out wheel bearing. Sometimes, a loose exhaust can also make a clunking sound.

Howling Sound

If you ever happen to hear a howling sound from your car engine, the problem lies in your car differential. This is due to excessive wear in the bearings or gear set, resulting in the production of metal shavings that get attached to the internal magnet causing your car to make a howling sound.

Shrieking and Squealing

You should check the serpentine belt of the vehicle if you hear high-pitched shrieking and squealing sounds from the car engine. Your vehicle can make a loud squealing sound while accelerating or when it is just warming up.

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Screeching Sound When You Apply Brakes

When the brake pads of your car wear down and get thinner, a small metal tab contacts the rotor surface to cause a screeching sound. This is an indication of failing brakes, which you should take seriously because it is never safe to drive a car with a faulty braking system.

If you hear your car engine make any of the above sounds, it is a sure indication that something is not right with your vehicle. You should take it to an auto repair shop near you. Always keep in mind that the best thing you can do to keep your car running smoothly is to regularly maintain the engine.

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