Since buying a car is usually the second biggest purchase a person makes besides a house, it’s important to pay attention to several details when approaching a car dealership. While you’re trying to get the best deal, they’re trying to make the most money possible.

The following mistakes are worth noting when shopping for a vehicle:

  1. Failing to Research
  2. If you don’t research car prices online before visiting a dealership, you will not have a reference for pricing that can be used for negotiating.

  3. Settling on What’s Available
  4. Buying a car based on what’s available at a dealership does not always lead to the best deal. Special ordering is often an overlooked option.

  5. Narrow Wish list
  6. Car shoppers tend to stay focused on a short wish list of cars when they might benefit by researching a wider list of choices, as most cars are now safe and reliable.

  7. Too Many Add-ons
  8. Dealers may try to sell you unnecessary features that you don’t need, such as sunroofs or other electronic devices, which can lead to paying too much.

  9. Failure to Test Drive
  10. Test driving is important because you need to make sure the seats, steering, and visibility are comfortable. You also need to be aware of nuances that may require automotive repair services.

  11. Over-Emphasizing Monthly Payments
  12. When you focus too much on what the monthly payment will be, the dealership may reduce your chances on getting the best possible price.

  13. Saying You’ll Pay Cash
  14. Telling sales representatives upfront that you’ll pay cash may hurt your chances to negotiate the price since dealerships are more likely to negotiate with loans.

  15. Misunderstanding Loans
  16. If you don’t understand how financing works, then you may end up paying much more than you thought in interest, which is money that could have gone to paying for automotive repair services.