Every car requires maintenance if it is to remain in good working order. The older it gets, more attention needs to be paid to its overall care and upkeep. While many car owners understand the need for an oil change and the replacement of an oil filter, many forget other important things on the maintenance checklist.

Here are 8 car maintenance mistakes you should pay attention to:

  1. Check the Serpentine Belt – Change any belt that is cracked or worn. Cracked belts can break without warning, leaving the car stranded along the roadside.

  2. Use the Right Transmission Fluid – Manual and automatic transmissions require different types of fluid.

  3. Check the Brakes from Pads to Cylinder – Many people will look at the brake pads, but forget to check the master cylinder and brake lines. Always make sure the master cylinder lid is secure and the brake lines are not compromised.

  4. Change the Fuel Filter – The fuel filter is one of the most commonly overlooked items on a maintenance checklist.

  5. Inspect and Rotate the Tires – It is important to check the tread and wear on each tire. Rotating tires regularly keeps tire wear even.

  6. Use the Right Oil – Each engine requires a specific type of oil depending on its performance level. Make sure the right grade is used during each oil change.

  7. Inspect the Radiator and Coolant System – Inspect the entire coolant system for leaks and cracks in the hoses. It is also important to use the right type of antifreeze or coolant in the system. Never use water.

  8. Know Where All Grease Points Are – Each vehicle has numerous points where grease must be applied during servicing. Universal joints, ball bearings, torsion bars and other parts of the suspension should be greased regularly.