Regular car maintenance is an ideal way to improve your car’s longevity and ensure its durability. It can help reduce expensive repair costs for the cooling system, drivetrain, transmission system, and other car components.

Timely vehicle checks can help you keep track of problems such as leaks, cracks, wear, and tear from friction. If you don’t fix these minor problems, it may need to replace the parts resulting in higher repair costs. It is vital to have routine vehicle maintenance if you want to get the maximum performance out of your car.

Here are 7 car maintenance tips that will help you keep your vehicle up and running:

1. Check Oil, Coolant, and Other Fluids
Checking coolant and oil levels on a regular basis is a must as low fluid levels can lead to engine problems. To maintain a healthy engine, a change of oil is recommended after 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Also, regularly monitor brake fluid and washer fluid level by a dipstick to prevent other vehicle problems.

2. Examine Tire pressure
Make sure to check the air pressure in your car’s tires every month. It is also highly recommended to check the air pressure prior to a road trip. If you don’t know the right air pressure for your car’s tire, check your car’s owner’s manual.

3. Give Weightage to Tire Rotation
Tire rotation is another important aspect of your regular car maintenance checklist. It is suggested to periodically change the position of each of your car’s tires as doing so can help extend your tires’ service life and reduce noise and vibration problems.

4. Check the Air Filter
Air filter regulates the airflow into the engine and prevents debris and particulates from entering your car’s engine. Regular air filter checks can reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and increase the car engine’s life.

5. Make Sure Headlights, Brake, and Parking Lights Are Working
Once a month, check your car’s headlights, brake lights, parking lights, and turn signals. Take a close look at your car and check if all these lights are functioning properly.

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6. Wax Your Vehicle
Waxing your car every six months will not only retain its shininess but also ensure the durability of the paint and reduce the chances of rusting.

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7. Get Familiarized with the Owner’s Manual
Although the owner’s manual is typically ignored, it can come in handy in providing solutions to many common car maintenance problems and questions.

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