Summer is considered the cruelest month for your car. When the temperature goes up, your car’s performance starts declining due to the excessive heat. At times it feels like you are in the oven when you enter a car parked outside.


Excessive heat is not good for your car. Keeping your car cool is very essential, as it makes the car run smoothly and extends the life of the car as well. There are a few things you can do to keep your car cool and avoid excessive heating.


Here are some tips to keep your car cool during summer:


1. Park in the Shade


To avoid damage to your car, always look for a shade or a parking garage especially during the hottest part of the day. Another benefit of parking in the shade is that the color of your car will not fade easily and the sun’s rays will not cause damage to the interior of the car.


2. Cover the Windows


You can buy shade covers for the windows. Covering the windows will block the harmful rays coming from the sun and keep your car’s interior and engine cool and also protect the interior from sun damage.


3. Cooling Seat Cover


These days you can find some great quality gel or crystal-infused seat cover in the market. It’s a great option for cars with leather seats. To make you feel comfortable, cooling gel comes in between you and the hot leather.


4. Check the Coolant


Checking your coolant at an auto shop will be a good option. Get it checked during the oil change. An experienced and trained mechanic will check and determine the condition and the quality of the coolant.

5. Cracked Windows


It will be good for the car if the windows are slightly opened while parked. By doing this, there will be a slight airflow. You can also keep your sunroof slightly opened when it’s not raining. Keep in mind that both sunroofs and windows should be slightly opened, less than an inch.


Follow these simple tips to avoid car heating in the summer.


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