Auto repair doesn’t only happen in professional auto shops. The majority of auto repair scenarios will happen while you are on the way somewhere, or parked somewhere else – and you might have to take care of the problem by yourself. There’s no guarantee that a professional auto repair technician will be close when an auto repair emergency happens to you.

Professionals advise that all drivers know how to fix the most common vehicle-related emergencies on the road (or at least, delay potential damage to their car until they can seek out an auto shop).


It starts with making sure drivers have the right tools in their car to handle common auto issues found on the road. If you can’t, you might be left as vulnerable as a sitting duck in an auto emergency.

Here are 4 auto repair tools you should always have in your car.

Quality Tools For Your Car

1. A Wrench Set

A solid set of wrenches can take care of many smaller things in your vehicle that might need tightening on the road. It applies to especially fixtures inside the car, and components that might shake or rattle under the hood. When it’s not safe to drive without tightening a few nuts, you’ll be glad you kept a wrench set in your car.

2. A Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are useful for a lot of things, and tightening screws is only the obvious answer. A reliable screwdriver set is enough to tighten, loosen, adjust, or pry open most things. Some screwdrivers have added special features, like testing for an electrical connection. Hence, get a set! You’ll be glad you did in the event of an auto emergency.

3. Various Kinds Of Tape

If you might have something leaking air or fluid into your engine, you’ll have to close it up before getting back on the road. Tape does the job until you can get to a professional auto repair shop. Various kinds of tape can also help drivers to secure important components in an auto emergency. Tape is an essential part of the average car’s first-aid kit.

4. Tested Towing Rope Stuck?

Need to secure something bigger than tape can handle? Make sure that you keep some tested towing rope in your car at all times. Different strengths (and thus, weights) are available on the market – and depending on what you are trying to tow or secure, you’ll have to get the correct ones. Again, you’ll be very glad that you did. Safe driving!