It’s hard to think straight if you have just been in a car accident — even a minor one. Choosing the right collision center for your auto body repairs is crucial for a number of reasons, however, so you’ll want to make sure you get answers to all the most important questions. What is the repair likely to cost, does the collision center have experience with your type of vehicle, what certifications do they have, and how long will it be before you can have your car back? These may be the first questions to pop into your head, and definitely shouldn’t be skipped, but they’re not the only ones you need to be answered.

1. Will you get an itemized estimate?

Even if you are not obliged to select an auto body repair shop recommended by your insurance company, you will need to know exactly what the damage. All repairs need to be described, down to the minute details, to take care of your insurance claim. Some collision centers will be able to assist you with the insurance side of things by working directly with your insurer, so you can ask about that, too.

2. Can the collision center meet all your repair needs?

You want a collision center that can take care of all your repairs — in one place, so you don’t have the additional stress and cost of going back and forth or the uncertainly that comes with subcontracting on the shop’s part. Ask about windshield and glass repair, dent repair, and paint services, specifically, as well as towing services. In short, can the collision center repair everything that needs to be fixed?

3. Does the repair center offer a warranty on the work they have done?

If you assumed that a warranty goes without saying, you are unfortunately mistaken. Not only do some repair shops not offer warranties on the repair work they carry out after your car collision, but many do place significant restrictions on its validity. It’s important to be aware of those.

By making sure that you get answers to these questions during your auto collision repair consultation, you avoid handing your car over to a repair shop that simply cannot meet your needs.