If you are concerned about the gas crunch and cleanliness of the environment, making your car fuel-efficient is the best thing you can do. As we all know, gas prices have been quite volatile over the past few decades. Improving the mileage of your car is important.


If you start improving the fuel efficiency of your car, there will be a considerable decline in America’s fuel consumption and you will be able to save a large amount of oil which will result in strengthening the US economy.


Here are 10 important tips to improve your car’s fuel efficiency:


1. Regular Engine Check-Up


Regular Car Engine Check-up

Gone are the days of conventional and time taking procedure of engine check-up. These days computer-controlled fuel injection has made the task easier and efficient.

2. Control the Speed


control speed on the highways

Use cruise control. It will save 6 percent of fuel on the highways.

3. Tire Pressure


Check your tire pressure every month


Keep checking your tire pressure every month. Your tires must be properly inflated as the less inflated tires will burn more fuel.

4. Steady Drive


drive your car steadily

You must drive your car steadily as the unexpected speeding up or slowing down the car will impact your car’s fuel economy. Also, avoid tailgating.


5. Depressurize Break Pedals


Depressurize Break Pedals


Avoid putting your left foot on the brake pedal as it puts “mechanical drag” on components which results in their premature wearing. It also results in high fuel consumption.

6. Avoid Revving


avoid revving the engine

Avoid revving the engine just before you switch it off as it results in wastage of fuel and washes oil down from inside the cylinder walls. When you will start your car next time, the cylinder walls will be dry.

7. Use Synthetic Oil


use synthetic oil for the engine

It is good for the engine. Flows well in low temperature, protects your engine in high temperature and improves the engine wear protection. It is bit expensive but it enhances the lifespan of your engine and ultimately improves your car’s fuel efficiency.

8. Idle Vehicle

Idle Vehicle

Don’t let the vehicle idle for more than a minute as it consumes fuel which completely goes waste. Turning off and restarting your car will be a better option.

9. Avoid Overloading


Don not overload your care

Do not overload your car with stuff which is not necessary. An overloaded car will consume more fuel and has poor fuel efficiency.


10. Change Oil and its Filter


Change Oil and its Filter

To maintain a healthier fuel efficiency of your car, change the oil and its filter at short gaps.


Following these tips will improve the fuel efficiency of your car and also help the environment!